Disposable Syringe Syringe Disposable Disposable Syringe 5ml

Short Description:

  • Material: Medical Grade PVC, PP
  • Component: Barrel+piston+plunger+needle(or without needle)
  • Type: Two parts, Three parts
  • Tip: Luer slip, luer lock
  • Volume: 1ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,60ml
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    Material Medical Grade PVC, PP
    Component Barrel+piston+plunger+needle(or without needle)
    Type Two parts, Three parts
    Tip Luer slip, luer lock
    Volume 1ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,60ml
    Needle With or without needle
    Syringe needle 15-31G
    Sterilization EO
    Packing 1ml 3000pcs/59X44X45cm
    3ml 3000pcs/59X44X45cm
    5ml 2400pcs/56X44X46.5cm
    10ml 1200pcs/56X44X46.5cm
    20ml 800pcs/59X44X44cm
    60ml 400pcs/59X44X44cm

    Product Description

    Specification model 1ml、2ml、2.5ml、3ml、5ml、10ml、20ml、25ml、30ml、50ml、100ml。
    Equipped injection needle capacity 0.3mm、0.33mm、0.36mm、0.4mm、0.45mm、0.5mm、0.55mm、0.6mm、0.7mm、0.8mm、0.9mm、1.1mm、1.2mm
    Syringe without needle 1ml、2ml、2.5ml、3ml、5ml、10ml、20ml、25ml、30ml、50ml、100ml

    1. The outer cover is transparent, which is convenient to observe the liquid level and bubbles
    2. The 6:100 cone joint designed according to the national standard can be used with products with standard 6:100 cone joints
    3. The product has good sealing performance and does not leak
    4. Sterile, no pyrogen
    5. The scale ink has strong adhesion and does not fall off
    6. Anti-slip structure to prevent the core rod from accidentally slipping out of the jacket


    1. The product is used for adults, children, and newborns.
    2. People who are allergic to natural rubber should not use it.
    3. This product is not suitable for the injection of photosensitive liquid medicine.
    4. Open the package and use it immediately; use it once and destroy it after use.
    5. Dispose of medical waste in accordance with the "Medical Waste Management Regulations" and other relevant regulations.
    6. The sterilization method of the product is ethylene oxide sterilization.
    7. Products with expired, damaged single packaging or foreign objects in it are prohibited to use.
    8. The use of the product must comply with the requirements of the relevant operating specifications and relevant laws and regulations of the medical department
    Only used by trained doctors or nursing staff.

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