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The frit is an important component of the solid phase extraction column/Flash column, which plays the function of fixing the packing and controlling the flow rate. The frits for SPE/Flash are specially optimized for world-leading flow rate control, purity, stability and solvent compatibility, and have been used by several well-known SPE column brands.

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Raw materials are specially selected

Only a specially selected raw material of about 10% UHMWPE can be used to produce biocomma® SPE/Flash column frits. Water absorption <0.01%, more uniform particle size, strict solvent compatibility test.

Optimized for SPE/Flash columns

Only by machining with precision molds can the diameter accuracy of the biocomma® SPE/Flash column frit be ensured and perfectly matched with the inner diameter of the column tube. Each batch is rigorously tested to ensure flow rate stability between batches. The cooperation between the diameter of the sieve plate and the diameter of the empty column tube is an important aspect of the stability of the flow rate. Taking a 9.0 mm diameter sieve plate with 40% porosity as an example, if the diameter is reduced by 0.2 mm by extrusion, the porosity will drop to 37.24%.


The frit flow rate is constant and does not "perforate" when multiple tubes are used in parallel

Select ultra-pure raw materials, suitable for high-sensitivity analysis

Ultra-thin frit with a thickness of only 1.2 mm can be used to separate different packing layers in a multilayer SPE column

PTFE frit and glass column tube can be used for plasticizer detection

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