Sieve plate for solid phase synthesis filter

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Compatibility of UHMWPE Materials

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Solid phase synthesis (Solid Phase Synthesis) usually refers to the reaction between reactive functional groups attached to a solid phase carrier (such as resin, etc.) and a reagent dissolved in an organic solvent.

In peptide solid-phase synthesis, the elongation of the peptide chain is carried out on an insoluble polystyrene resin support. The C-terminus of the synthesized polypeptide is first reacted with chloromethyl polystyrene resin (chlorinated benzyl ester resin) to form benzyl ester, and then the amino-terminal protected amino acids are added one by one according to the sequence of the primary structure of the peptide chain to make the peptide chain extension.

The solid-phase method is simpler than the liquid-phase method, the time is shortened, and it can be automated. It has been used in my country's pharmaceutical industry.
The sieve plate for solid-phase synthesis introduced by Coma Bio is made of polymer materials and has a wide range of solvent compatibility.

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