In which scenarios are first aid kits generally used?.

Disasters and accidents in modern society mostly occur in office buildings, residential apartments, large shopping malls, transportation, and enterprise production. The emergency equipment and plans for these densely populated places need to be carefully equipped and designed. For outdoor, The environment in the car also needs corresponding equipment measures.

So the question is, do you know which scenes are generally used in emergency kits and first aid kits?

1.Office production:
In the office, you can see emergency kits or emergency kits that are easy to access. Once you encounter an emergency, you can quickly evacuate under the safety of emergency supplies, or use the first aid supplies inside. For those who need help At the same time, timely pre-hospital care was given. In the production workshop, once a safety accident occurs, you can use the latest tools plus the correct methods learned in the usual drills and training, take emergency measures, control the further expansion of the situation, and ensure that your occupational health and safety and the production safety of the enterprise are not affected. influences.

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2.Government agencies:
No matter which level of government, it undoubtedly shoulders the responsibility of protecting the safety of the people, providing an environment for the people to live and work in peace and contentment, and serving public safety. Whether it is the 1998 flood, the 2008 earthquake, or various fire accidents, traffic accidents, and violent terrorist incidents, people’s governments at all levels have shown very strong execution.

3.Hospital school:
Harmony between doctors and patients and a safe campus are the key points and difficulties of the current society. Various news incidents such as medical accidents, doctor-patient conflicts, campus violence, school bus safety, etc. have appeared in the newspapers. Hospitals are the most important place to rescue the dying and the injured. Once safety accidents and mass incidents occur, the negative impact will be very large.

The school is about the safety of our next generation. Although we don’t want to protect our children like the future president, we can ensure the physical and mental health of our children with our safety products, and safety education can cultivate people with higher safety literacy. Successors, they are the future parents and future citizens, which are related to the future of the entire country.

4.Family community:
With the high density of urbanized population and emergencies, based on the government’s strategy of emergency management grid construction and the work of building a safe community, it is necessary for on-site responders to adopt correct handling, rescue, evacuation, and alarm methods.
In our home life, every family is a cell of society, and the safety of family members, especially the safety of children, is our focus.
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With the rapid development of transportation, people’s travel modes are efficient and convenient. At the same time, various traffic accidents occur from time to time. According to incomplete statistics, there are more deaths in the world. It’s a traffic accident. It is not uncommon for all traffic accidents, including car falling into the water, high-speed rear-end collision, car spontaneous combustion, serial collisions, brake failure, overturning, large-area congestion, etc., to cause loss of life and property and driving embarrassment. Traffic insurance can reduce property losses for people, and a small safety hammer, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tow rope, battery cord, air pump and other emergency items prepared in the car can ensure their own life safety at the critical moment of driving distress. Easily deal with when your car breaks down.

6.Commercial Supermarket Terminal:
China’s public buildings are designed with the needs of fire protection and civil air defense in mind. Therefore, fire fighting equipment has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts as a mandatory code. However, we can still see that security incidents in public areas with a large number of people, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, public exhibition halls, and terminals and stations, also occur from time to time. Emergency facilities and equipment such as emergency guide boxes, AED first aid equipment, and public health first aid kits in public places have quietly emerged in some high-end shopping malls, airports, subways, and tourist attractions.

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