Medical Filter

Medical Filter

  • humidification bottle / oxygen bottle filter

    humidification bottle / oxygen bottle filter

    biocomma® humidification bottle filters are widely used in medical humidification bottles, humidification bottles and oxygen bottles.

    The pure selection of raw materials and balanced filtration precision of the biocomma® filter element can make oxygen divided into fine bubbles through the PE filter element, increase the contact time and area with the humidifying liquid, and effectively ensure that when the oxygen passes through, no matter the flow rate, it can be The chemical solution reaches the largest area of contact, so as to achieve uniform, sterile, and efficient humidification, and at the same time, it has the effect of noise reduction and noise reduction, making patients more comfortable and at ease.

  • H2OStop ESR detection tube overflow filter

    H2OStop ESR detection tube overflow filter

    Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is one of the routine items of clinical testing. In clinical practice, a disposable erythrocyte sedimentation tube is used to detect the distance that red blood cells fall within a period of time, as the basis for the diagnosis of various diseases.  overflow filter makes ESR testing more convenient.

  • H2OStop Arterial Blood Collection Stopper Filter

    H2OStop Arterial Blood Collection Stopper Filter

    In the process of arterial blood collection, the anti-spill filter can be matched with the arterial blood collection needle, which can simplify the blood collection process, quickly isolate the air, and prevent the gas exchange between the blood and the air.

  • H2OStop Infusion Set Overflow Stop Filter

    H2OStop Infusion Set Overflow Stop Filter

    Intravenous infusion is a widely used drug delivery method in clinical practice. In practice, it is necessary to ensure that no air remains in the tube wall of the infusion set. The conventional infusion set exhaust operation is cumbersome and time-consuming, and the liquid is often splashed, causing pollution to the ground. Exposure to airborne liquid medicines, such as antibiotics, can cause problems such as increased bacterial resistance. <br>

    The anti-overflow filter element cooperates with the infusion set, which can greatly simplify the exhaust operation. The success rate of one-time exhaust is close to 100%, and it can effectively prevent the liquid from splashing.

  • H2OStop Indwelling Needle Overfill Filter

    H2OStop Indwelling Needle Overfill Filter

    The overflow filter works with the indwelling needle to protect the patient’s blood vessels, reduce the pain of vascular puncture, and improve the efficiency of medical staff.

  • H2OStop Disposable Drainage Bag Check Valve

    H2OStop Disposable Drainage Bag Check Valve

    Disposable drainage bag check valves are widely used in waste liquid treatment systems in hospitals.

    The H2OStop® Disposable Drainage Bag Stop Filter allows air to escape freely through the waste collection bag. Once in contact with the liquid, the filter element will have a self-sealing effect, effectively preventing the liquid from overflowing and preventing the liquid from contaminating the instrument and the environment.

  • oxygen generator filter

    oxygen generator filter

    The biocomma® filter element acts on the humidification and filtration device of the oxygen concentrator, and is mainly used in medical and home oxygen therapy and health care. At the same time, it meets the requirements of flow and flow rate in different oxygen production environments, so as to maintain the stability of oxygen concentration, prolong the service life of the oxygen generator, and escort the safety of oxygen users.