H2OStop Infusion Set Overflow Stop Filter

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Intravenous infusion is a widely used drug delivery method in clinical practice. In practice, it is necessary to ensure that no air remains in the tube wall of the infusion set. The conventional infusion set exhaust operation is cumbersome and time-consuming, and the liquid is often splashed, causing pollution to the ground. Exposure to airborne liquid medicines, such as antibiotics, can cause problems such as increased bacterial resistance. <br>

The anti-overflow filter element cooperates with the infusion set, which can greatly simplify the exhaust operation. The success rate of one-time exhaust is close to 100%, and it can effectively prevent the liquid from splashing.

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Made of ultra-pure UHMW-PE, no pollution to the liquid

High bacterial penetration rate to avoid bacterial residues on the inner wall of the infusion set

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