Wholesale Flexible Hemostatic Sterile Bandage Cotton Elastic Gauze Roll

Short Description:

≥100 rolls

  • Disinfecting Type: : OZONE
  • Properties: : Medical Materials & Accessories
  • Size: : 5cm*4.5m
  • Material: : Cotton
  • OEM: : available
  • Product Detail

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    Product Name Gauze roll
    Color Nature white
    Material 100% cotton
    Sterile EOS
    Package 12 rolls/ctn: 53*36*46cm


    1,make of 100%cotton,gauze. high absorbing,no stimulation to skin.
    2,Packaging 12rolls/pack,480rolls/ctn,or 360rolls/ctn for the gauze bandage.
    3,Types are divided into Surgical Supplies, Sterile and non-sterile.
    4,personalized specifications are possible at customer's request.

    Product species

    1. According to the different yarn raw materials, it can be divided into cotton gauze (also made cotton gauze), purified fiber gauze, blended gauze.

    2, according to the woven process, can be divided into single layer gauze, double gauze, multi-layer gauze.

    3. According to the purpose, it can be divided into civil gauze, medical gauze (degreasing gauze), industrial gauze, etc.

    4, according to the color, can be divided into color gauze, the white gauze (the color of the cotton yarn), the bleaching gauze (also made white gauze or plus white gauze).

    5, according to the hardness of the soft, can be divided into soft gauze, the upper tap gauze, the upper paste gauze.

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