Eo Gas Sterile Gravity Tube Set Pump Enteral Feeding Tube

Short Description:

  • Sterilize: EO
  • Capacity: 500ml,800ml,1000ml,1200ml,1500ml,2000ml
  • Material: Medical Grade PVC or PVC without DEHP
  • Product name: Enteral nutrition bag
  • Certificate: CE, ISO13485,F DA
  • Product Detail

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    Product name Enteral nutrition bag
    Sterilize EO
    Capacity 500ml,800ml,1000ml,1200ml,1500ml,2000ml
    Material Medical Grade PVC or PVC without DEHP
    Certificate CE, ISO13485,F DA
    Advantage Rigid neck for easy filling and handing
    With plug cap and strong, dependable hanging ring
    Easy-to-read graduations and easy-view translucent bag
    The bottom exit port allows complete drainage
    Pump set or gravity set is availa

    Enteral feeding tube

    Specification model: Type A (single puncture air intake type) / B (multiple puncture air intake type) / C (single puncture non air intake type)

    Product description

    1. Direct gravity infusion
    2. It can be used with general nutrition pump
    3. Reduce the workload of medical staff
    4. Break the monopoly of imported products


    [Model Specification] Feeding bag 1200ML (pagoda interface), gastroesophagus (dual-purpose interface)
    [Structural composition] The disposable feeding bag/tube is composed of a dosing port, a bag body, a catheter, a regulator drop bottle, a connector, and a protective cap. Mainly made of medical grade plastic.
    [Scope of application] This product is suitable for connecting with a nasal feeding tube or a gastric tube, for the delivery of nutrient solution for patients who cannot eat or drink from the mouth.
    [Usage] When using, open the packaging bag and take out the product; close the regulator, put the nutrient solution into the bag, close the lid and hang it on the pole; remove the protective cap, squeeze the dropper bottle until 1/3 full, Fill the tube with nutrient solution; connect it to a nasogastric tube or gastric tube and turn on the regulator for feeding.
    1. The use of this product must comply with the requirements of the relevant operating specifications and relevant laws and regulations of the medical department, and is limited to trained doctors or nurses.
    2. It is forbidden to use the product when the product is invalid, the single package is incompletely sealed, the parts are missing, or there are foreign objects in the package. The product is a sterile medical device sterilized by ethylene oxide. It is recommended to replace it once a day. If it is cleaned, it must be replaced at most 2-3 days!

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