Medical Dilator Speculum Disposable Sterile PVC Vaginal Dilators

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  • Disinfecting Type: EO
  • Size: SML, SML
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Quality Certification: IS0
  • Use: For gneological exemintin
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    Disinfecting Type: EO
    Size: SML, SML
    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Quality Certification: IS0
    Safety standard: IS0
    Use: For gneological exemintin
    Color. Trensparent
    OEM: Availble
    Type. Disposable Vaginal speculum dilator
    MOQ: 10000pcs
    Samples: Free samples available
    Quality Werranty. 2 year


    1. During the examination, the doctor first puts on sterile gloves and holds the vaginal dilator with one hand, and then the doctor will gently separate the examiner’s labia minora with his hands to fully expose the female’s vagina.
    2. After separating the vagina, put the vaginal dilator along the vagina, mainly along the vagina. The vertical line and the transverse diameter of the vaginal dilator are at a zero angle. Slowly put the vaginal dilator into it, and then slowly Separate the upper and lower lobes of the labia.
    3. After observing the vaginal wall and other tissues, gently take out the vaginal expander from the vagina to avoid damaging the soft tissues next to it. Generally, after taking out the vaginal dilator, the doctor will gently massage the examiner's vagina with his hands. Before inserting the vaginal dilator, the perineum needs to be disinfected with iodophor to avoid bacterial invasion.

    Product manual

    This product is composed of upper leaf, lower leaf and handle. It is made of non-toxic plastic, transparent and adjustable. The surface of this product is smooth, the peripheral arc is smooth, without sharp edges, no burrs, and there will be no traces of powder or water. , All gears can be adjusted and expanded flexibly without jamming. After ethylene oxide sterilization, there is no intradermal irritation and no delayed hypersensitivity.

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