Disposable Use Medical Single Blood Bag Medical Plastic jms Blood Bags

Short Description:

≥2000 pieces

  • Disinfecting Type: : Ultraviolet Light
  • Material:: 100% Polyester
  • Type: : Weliding bag and Extruding film bag
  • Size: : 25ml,50ml,100ml, 200m300ml, 400ml, 500ml
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    Product Name Plastic Blood Bag
    Color white
    Material 100% Polyester
    Sterile EOS
    Package In aluminium foil packing
    40pcs/Carton, 60pcs/Carton, 80pcs/Carton, 100pcs/Carton

    Product Description

    1. Obtained ISO9000 system certification, design, development, production and sales systems are fully covered by the EU CE certification system
    2. A complete closed system to avoid bacterial contamination during blood storage and cross-infection during collection, separation, and infusion.
    3 16G imported ultra-thin blood sampling needles can reduce the pain of blood donors as much as possible; break-off blocking pieces ensure the separation and quality of blood components; twist-off blood transfusion sockets facilitate the infusion of clinical blood components.
    4. Use self-made medical PVC blood bag materials with intellectual property rights to ensure that the blood bag will not be deformed during the preparation of blood components and will not break after low-temperature storage.

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