Disposable Epidural Set/disposable Anesthesia Puncture Kit with Lumbar Puncture Needle

Short Description:

≥10000 pieces

  • Disinfecting Type: : EOS
  • Properties: : Medical PolymerMaterials & Products
  • Material:: Medical Grade PP
  • Size: : 40ml
  • Application: : Clinic,hospital
  • Product Detail

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    Standard Configuration or OEM:
    1.Lumbar needle for epidural (18G) 1pc
    2.catheter for epidural 1pc
    3.catheter fitting 1pc
    4.Medical Fluid filter 1pc
    5. Air filter 1pc
    6.Disposable sterile needle (7#) 1pc
    7.Disposable sterile needle (6#) 1pc
    8.The disposable use injector syringe 5ml, 2pcs
    9.Disposable sterile syringe(20ml) 1pc
    10.Disposable trocar(16#) 1pc
    11.Disinfectant small brush 3pcs
    12.Adhensive tap for fixing(1.25cm*10cm) 2pcs
    13.Band-aid(5cm* 7cm) 1pc
    14.Medical gauze (8cm*8 cm) 3pcs
    15.Drape with hole (60cm*60cm) 1pc
    16.Medical surgical gloves (7.5#) 1pair
    17.Sterile field(60cm*80cm) 1pc
    18.Plastic tray 1pc

    Product Description

    For clinical surgical anesthesia puncture, inject anesthesia liquor.
    Operative method and precaution:
    Open the package, take out the plastic tray and place in the center of the working stand.
    Wear the gloves and operate strictly accordance with the operation rules.
    The liquor remain quantity of device should be <5%
    The product is EO sterilize with 2 years validity. Please check the date of manufacture on the seal before use. No use if it is damaged or over time.
    This product is for single use, please destroy after use. No reuse.
    This product is not suitable for general anesthesia.
    The requirement of transport and storage: It should be upward, handle with care and water proof. The product should be stored in a room which RH <80%, no corrosive gas and draughty.

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